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Exemplary Business Africa is a special programme of the institute dedicated as a catalyst for Nigeria and Africa’s productivity. It is a campaign for entrepreneurializing African companies and businesses; a productivity movement about changing the mindset of the workforce of companies and individuals in Africa to think like an entrepreneur and to work like an entrepreneur. This is an initiative of the institute to begin a movement to close Africa’s productivity gap by assisting businesses and companies in Nigeria and on the continent in general to improve their productivity. Exemplary Business Africa is bringing together businesses and companies where more successful ones can mentor upcoming businesses. It is a continental and national business-to business mentorship programme where companies can learn and share.

In accomplishing EBA Campaign, The Palms is collaborating and partnering with the entire business community by getting them to share and mentor other companies that want to learn and improve, therefore improving the productivity of Nigeria and Africa. The purpose of this is to increase the productivity of the continent which will influence businesses to produce more goods and offer better service, which in return will influence optimum economic growth for the continent and individual countries, holding back inflation while increasing tax revenues for the economy.



Increasing young aspiring entrepreneurs through practical mentorship of successful companies

Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity of the workforce of the continent through boosting the productivity of companies and businesses.

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    Exemplary Business Africa
    There are exemplary companies in Nigeria and Africa who are already role models in their professionalism, activities and productivity. They have created jobs and they have built formidable workforce that have turned mere dreams into juggernauts. These business leaders shall join our campaign to practically mentor other similar businesses that will in no distant time join in creating sustainable businesses and employments. With the support and collaboration of these companies, The Palms will be able to work through its banner ‘Entrepreneurializing Africa’ with businesses and companies across Nigeria and the entire continent to build an entrepreneurial Africa.
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