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Do you want to start a new business? Or Are you trying to find a great business idea?

Each day, entrepreneurs use their imagination to develop creative choices and new ideas to make the world a better place. Just look around, and everything you can see are the imaginations and creations of entrepreneurs. It is indeed a world of endless possibilities that permit entrepreneurs to think and imagine, to create and sustain while contributing to the world that God created half-way and handed it over to a man to complete.
However, here are some ways you can keep your mind fresh and open so you can generate an idea for your own business.



Thousands of smart people have taken up their hobbies and transformed them into money making ventures. To those of you still in the idea creation phase, this could be an easy next step. If you have been doing something on a regular basis and find yourself good at it, you can just take it further from being an ordinary hobby to becoming a money-making entity that will also add values to humanity. That is, you might want to think about how it could be a business.
So, you may need to ask yourself some questions such as: Do I have a talent that could become the basis of a profitable business? Will people be willing to pay for my products or services? How do I transform talents to a money-making venture? etc.


I’m sure when you read the heading, you’re like, what kind of adventure? I don’t have money to tour the world. You don’t need to tour the world to go on adventure, the little things can count as an adventure – go to the beach, go to a waterfall, reconnect with nature. Don’t get too used to your thinking space, sometimes the ideas you need might come from an external source. Try going out, meet new people it helps get you out of your idea rut. Talking to new people who don’t think like you and don’t know how you think can help freshen up your brainstorming process. Go to networking events (there are several you can attend). Talk to people outside your industry, and strike up conversations with random people. Travel if you have to, and when you see new things or something that intrigues you, then ask yourself what makes that situation better. Experiencing new events that you are not used to helps awaken your mind, it opens your eyes to a plethora of potential business ideas.


Don’t waste all your time texting and dwelling on gossip blogs. Look up entrepreneurship and industry (the field you might be interested in) related communities. Make it a duty to check out various sites daily, read at least one article per day. You never can tell, as this may trigger an idea or concept you have never thought of. (There’ll be an entire article dedicated to blogs, sites and newsletters that can help entrepreneurs) Go on social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and search relevant hashtags to see what people are talking about. You might learn about new fields and events that will bring networking opportunities as well as topics that might create a spark. Be open to becoming a student of your industry and entrepreneurship. Research the market — see what’s out there and where your idea could fit in.


If you feel a product doesn’t live up to your expectation, why not create a better one. There is no shame in this. In fact, most good ideas are built upon someone else’s idea (How many pizzerias are available in Africa). No idea is new. Your ability to improve on another person’s idea and make it better is what makes you a great entrepreneur. Analyze already existing and implemented ideas and think about the opportunities to change and improve them. Find your selling point, what you believe will distinguish you from the rest. Be Unique.
But remember, you cannot just copy someone’s idea, you have to be unique. According to Albert Einstein said “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”


Who? Who do you want to be your customer?
What? What do you think your customers will need?
Why? Why do they need it?
How? How can you provide this product or service? How can you make an already existing one better?
Create your own questions using these points. No doubt, the answers will help you to create your next big idea. People are searching for convenience and time optimization, make use of it. Think about the ways to make your prospective customers life cheaper and easier.

I hope after reading this article you will realize that it’s not really a struggle coming up with a business idea. Just make sure to develop your creativity, imagination and skills, while at that make sure to focus on real problems you could help to solve. Trust me, your business idea will be 100% successful and find its happy customers.

Author: Beastofnonation